The Myth is alive!

Since 1927 The Nürburgring is a legendary car racing circuit that is world renowned and has a worldwide fan base. Every year many people make the pilgrimage to the race events that have become legendary like the 24-uurs race , the  Truck Grand Prix , the  VLN Endurance Championship  and the  Oldtimer Grand Prix



Apart from that, also motorcycle racing enthusiasts overflow the Nürburgring Nordschleife from time to time. 

Drive the Green Hell in your own vehicle or rent a race car . Become part of the Nürburgring myth either as a spectator at a big event or as a driver, experiencing “the Ring”.

Opening times  Nordschleife & Grand Prix

Drive the Nürburgring yourself; one of the last great challenges for every car and motorcycle enthusiast. You can find the opening times for the tourist trips here:


This webcam shows what it looks like at the entrance of the Nordschleife, Webcam.

If you want to drive a lap yourself, watch the RSR instructor Antony showing you how to deal with the Nürburgring Nordschleife:
How to tackle the Nurburgring Nordschleife.

The Nordschleife profile

Schwedenkreuz - Brünnchen - Hohe Acht - Karussell – these parts of the Nordschleife are all legendary. 
You can find all sections  HERE



Riding the Nürburgring is only possible on selected days. The track is available for ambitious drivers who want to experience driving the Green Hell themselves even in not street legal cars. Trackdays are organised by several providers, sometimes as a sports driving training.


Rent a Race car

For your laps on the Nürburgring you can rent sports cars in various specs, from various companies. From a Suzuki Swift to a Porsche GT3 or a fully equipped race car. There is a car for everybody. Our partners are pleased to help you

Hot Seat

A very special experience is a lap on the Nordschleife in the passenger seat of a race car next to a professional race driver. An unforgettable feel with no comparison. We are pleased to help you.

Providers are: 

Driving Safety Centre Nürburgring

Learn how to control your vehicle perfectly, even in the most critical situations. The Driving Safety Centre on the Nürburgring can offer you this training about driving safely, under guidance of an experienced instructor. Fun and safety are practiced in courses like SAFETY + FUN and RACE + FUN.

Information, dates and prices can be found in our info flyer (download) or directly on the startpage of the Driving Safety centre


App for your iphone.

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We add new accessories from partners all the time. The number supported is huge and we take care integration is perfect.

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